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  • “I’m blown away [that] you have an actual plan.” -Dale Jackson, 1070 WAPI
    Dale Jackson

    On Tuesday, May 20, Steve went on air during Dale Jackson’s show on 1070 WAPI. After speaking with Dale Jackson on the real issues facing District 46 and the State of Alabama, Dale claimed to have been “blown away” that Steve has an actual plan, unlike other candidates.

  • TV Commercials
    Commercial Image

    Steve’s new TV commercials currently running television feature on his plan for building a better future by creating jobs, cutting taxes and standing up to political corruption.

    Click the link above to watch both commercials.

  • Radio Commercial

    Listen to the current radio commercial about Steve’s conservative family values, featuring the people that know him best, his 4 daughters and his wife, Betsy. Also a mention of just a few of the great organizations that have endorsed Steve are listed in the commercial.

    Click the link to listen to the commercial.

  • No Assembly Required, The Alabama Forestry Assoication endorsement of Steve French

    Recently the Alabama Forestry Association not only endorsed Steve, but also gave a great explanation as to why Steve French should be the choice for House District 46. Read what the AFA had to say about Steve.

  • Remington Giveaway Winner
    Giveaway Winner

    And the winner is…

    Click the above link to go to the video. Congratulations to our Remington Shotgun Giveaway winner, Allison Chambliss! Allison and her family are extremely excited to get outdoors and use her new firearm! Watch the video to hear what Allison has to say!

  • Anniversary of my Nomination Speech for my friend Senator Jabo Waggoner
    photo 1[1]

    Five years ago, I had the pleasure and honor to nominate Senator Jabo Waggoner for Alabama Senate President Pro Tem. We Republicans lost that vote split along party lines, and we since the Republican majority in Montgomery did elect my friend, Jabo, as the Senate Majority Leader. After this speech, I became a target by the Democrat leadership, but standing on principle is something I believe in.

  • Steve on the Matt Murphy Show: “You’re the only guy I would vote for in the 46th District.”


    Listen to part of Steve’s segment this morning expanding further about his “New Year’s Resolutions” on the Matt Murphy Radio Show.

  • Steve’s Campaign in Over The Mountain Journal

    Read about Steve’s campaign in the December 12th Issue of Over the Mountain Journal!

  • Steve’s New Year’s Resolutions

    In this video, Steve French outlines his resolutions for 2014, including ending legislative immunity, opposition to new taxes and zero tolerance for political corruption. (view video)

  • Steve French receives praise from former State Senator
    From the Curt Lee Report

    In this week’s edition of “The Curt Lee Report,” Steve received praise from former Senator, Curt Lee, who claims he would “provide another set of fiscally conservative eyes to monitor state spending,” and ” would compliment the work of Paul DeMarco.”                                             

  • Steve French Announces Candidacy for AL HD 46 Race
    Campaign Announcement 7

    Steve French of Jefferson County today announced his candidacy for Alabama State House of Representatives, District 46, which includes portions of Hoover, Homewood and Mountain Brook. French, a Republican, formally entered the race by releasing an on-line statement and video remarks which are available for download by members of the media.

  • Campaign Announcement Video and Photographs

    Steve French announced his candidate for Alabama State House District 46 on November 8th. Here are some photographs and video from the event…               

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